Medical Indicators, Inc. Launches Direct to Consumer NexTemp Ultra Products


Hamilton, NJ, July 25, 2018 — Medical Indicators, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of clinically accurate, FDA-registered disposable phase change thermometers. The thermometers require no cleaning, calibration, or batteries. For over 30 years, Medical Indicators has embraced innovation in our ongoing commitment to providing safer healthcare and a better patient experience.

Today we are announcing the immediate availability of the NexTemp® Ultra products for individual or family use.  “We are very excited to offer our products directly to consumers,” said Medical Indicators President, Joel Welde. “Our products not only provide the perfect solution for healthcare professionals but also for individuals and families at home. They are clinically accurate, do not require batteries, and are easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Our disposable thermometers reduce the risk of infection and help prevent cross contamination at affordable price.”

NexTemp Ultra disposable thermometers are now available in quantities of 12, 24, and 100 count boxes for individuals, families, small facilities, schools, camps, and more at 

About Medical Indicators, Inc.
Medical Indicators, Inc. products are sold under the brand names of Tempa•DOT™, NexTemp®, and TraxIt®.

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