Clinical Thermometers For Infection Control

Disposable thermometers manufactured bv MII. Tempadot, Nextemp and Traxit thermometers.Medical Indicators (MII) is one of the largest manufacturers of single-use and reusable medical thermometers in the world.  MII’s products, sold under the brand names of “Tempa•DOT™”, “NexTemp®” and “TraxIt®” are used to take accurate human body temperature readings.  MII’s products are used globally by medical professionals, and supplied to the market through all of the major medical distributors.  Most end users are hospitals, dialysis clinics, national health systems, and blood collection centers.  MII products help medical facilities reduce patient-to-patient cross-infection, thereby lowering the overall incidence of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).  In the United States alone, HAIs impact nearly 2 million patients, requiring millions of extra hospital day stays and adding billions of dollars to healthcare costs.  NexTemp® and Tempa•DOT™ thermometers are individually wrapped and used with one patient only.  MII’s products are available in sterile or non-sterile packaging for oral, underarm, and rectal temperature measurement sites.   MII’s thermometer technology is non-hazardous, non-toxic, latex-free, and carries a U.S. FDA registration.  All products are CE compliant and manufactured in New Jersey, USA under quality system ISO 13485 (2003).


MII’s Quality Policy

Medical Indicators is committed to achieve Business Excellence.  We will provide quality products, adopt continuous improvement methods and maintain the effectiveness of our quality system to ensure we meet or exceed customer expectations.